Top Drum is this photo is featuring
the Golden Gilded Eagle Song Story Drum.
A special four directional meditation with the American Bald Eagle
comes with this drum, later an Alaskan Totem Card Deck will also
be available to use with this drum head.
Elk Hide with 16" 12 Ply Maple Rim $ 345 Plus Shipping

Alaska Totem Drums
Original Hand Painted Four Directional Totems
A suggested guidance comes with these drums representing the four directions and
to draw the wisdoms of these Totems to you in your journey of life.
14" Elk Drum with 10 Ply Maple Rim $275 Plus Shipping

Available as shown in the last three drums in the photo above:
Strong Footed Totems: Caribou, Bison, Moose & Musk Ox
The Hunter Totems: Wolf, Fox, Wolverine & Lynx
Bear Totems: Black bear, Mystic She Bear, Brown/Grizzly, Polar
These are three of the 16 Four directional Totems offered.  
Firm Beater Head
Softer Beater
Choose one of these beater sticks complementary with purchase of your Alaskan Totem Drum. Note the sticks
may vary in appearance and materials. Ask about our fancy beater sticks that are occasionally available.
Please contact us directly for the purchase of our drums. Thank You.   (907) 479-3820
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