Through our passion to use the gifts of this Far North Country we share with you the Moose, the Caribou, and
the Alaskan raised Elk.  We offer these unique drums to bring their 'medicine' into the hands of those who will
appreciate the extra effort it takes to make them.

EXTRA CARE IN BRINGING IT TOGETHER Painstaking care is taken with each hide in our natural process to
deflesh and dehair the skins for these precious drums. Even the lacing is cut from the hide in order to use all of
the skin. Note that our rattles are also made from these special hides. The 12 ply maple rims we use are extra
strong to assure a lifetime of use.

EXTRAORDINARY SOUND The sounds of these incredible drums are like no other. They offer the heartbeat
of each animal's life to you every time you touch it. They are irresistible! You will likely find yourself drawn to
enjoy playing far more frequently.  

FEEL AND APPEARANCE We leave some of the hair on the skin so that you will feel even closer to these
powerful animals. Did you realize that many of the Alaskan animals actually grow a type of furry down?!
We think you will agree there is nothing
to compare to being a drum keeper
of one of these unique Alaskan hide drums
This is a 16" Hand Processed
Moose Hide Drum

This awesome drum has a
wonderful 'bell' sound to it and
sounds good with a fur beater
or a firm headed beater stick. It
has both hair as well as the soft
underfur to enjoy but without
effecting the sound.

Notice the back side has an
easy to hold handle just the
right size for either a man or a
woman's use. The price
includes a Fancy mouton
headed beater stick (normally
sold separately).

The price is: $375
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Its Fall in Fairbanks...
We now have many more choices for you!

  Our specialty drums are often determined by the season. This is a great
time to place your special order. We have the potential to make these
specialty drums with not only Moose but Yak, Caribou, Elk and yes, even
occasionally Bison (Buffalo). Please call our offices if you would like to place
an order for a special Alaskan hide drum you do not see on this page. The
extra price for a special order drum starts at an additional $65 depending on
the hide.
  Take note that this traditional form of processing takes far more time. There
may be a lag time of up to 2 months. We assure you however it will be well
worth the wait!

Check back at our web site for we will post newly made Specialty Drums with
different hides from time to time.

Don't delay! Call in your request:
(907) 479-3820
FAX |(907) 457-7463
18"Moose Hide Drum
This drum has a unique
weaving pattern. It is
beautiful to look at and
also assures a more
consistent tightness. It
has a 'strong deep drum
sound' and lends itself to
a firm beater stick
although it will be
excellent for more quiet
drumming with a fur
headed stick.

Due to it's size, the
amount of hide needed
to get this effect and the
12 ply rim this drum is
best used by someone
with strong hands. It is
heavier than most all of
our drums.

Note it has both hair as
well as the soft underfur
to enjoy. The price
includes a fancy mouton
headed beater stick
(normally sold separately).

The price is: $425
This is a 18" Hand Processed
Moose Hide Drum

Imagine holding this drum in
your hand It has a comfortable
handle but that is just the
beginning. We are sure you will
be thrill with the beautiful under
fur we left on the front of this
beautiful moose drum. Its as
soft as down!

The sound of this drum is quiet
and earthy. A firm headed
beater stick makes it really sing.
But if you enjoy journeying a fur
beater stick will fill this need.
The price includes a Fancy
mouton headed beater stick
(normally sold separately).

The price is: $425