Begins September 10th ‘2009!
Each class builds on the next - deepening your abilities
The Lea MethodTM of Massage
Kata Massage Series Fall/Winter 2009

Kata MassageTM 80 Hour Certificate - Four Section Components
Section One Kata Massage TM, Featuring the back of the body ‘PLUS’:  Sept 10th, 12th, 13th & 15th
Section Two Chair Kata
TM One, October 13, 15, 20th.
Section Three- Kata Massage
TM, Featuring the front of the body,   Oct. 24, 25, 27, 29, Nov. 1
Section Four- Kata Massage
TM Sum Up plus Integrating KataTM: November 5, 10, 12, 17,1 9, 24, 28th
Please see the registration form at the end for more registration details and tuition costs.

Effective techniques that give you energy without fatigue.
Your power of truly touching and truly receiving back - the art of being present.
Learn the Kata Flow Charts, the best use of your hands in finding specific points using both Eastern and Western
understandings in helping the body to self heal.

For beginners: Kata Massage is an excellent technique to begin exploration of developing massage skills as
well as efficiency in your own body care. The foundation is given for  hand saving body dynamic with stretching
and strengthening.
For massage professionals: Enhance important longevity principles through integrating this modality
into your present bodywork techniques while benefiting from the pearls of Tarika Lea’s 40 years experience.

     Address: headaches, stomachaches, spasms, chronic pain and more. Learn how to assist your body and
others through reflexes. The power of body reflexes through the head, hands and feet is a valuable life skills you
can easily learn and use daily. Intro to the safe use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils will be included to
enhance your results. Gold Nugget Skills Series -
October 17, Saturday 4 - 7 PM   Tuition: $33

Kata Massage Series:
       The recipients of this technique experience consistent benefits from release of deep seated tensions that
cause chronic pain to restorative deep relaxation. Even after receiving the Kata Massage Level One massage
from a student of 80 hours training results can be significant.  

Using the Three Basic Hand Positions unique to this method and adding from the large bank of variations
through learning all of the Katas in the Kata Massage Series can bring one to a master level in massage and The
Lea Method.    

A dynamic body supported system of massage that protects your joints from fatigue and makes the best use
of your body weight.  It is likened unto a dance involving not just your hands but the rhythm and flow of your body
and breath as it is united with movement.
  With precision in every move, hand position and pressure point coupled with sensitivity in opening the body’s
energy flows one not only assists the muscle system but also all of the body systems to revitalize and energize.
This integration aspect strengthened with body/mind grounding techniques associated with learning this method
greatly deepens the quality of ones touch laying the foundation for the body’s ability for self healing.  

Eastern, Western and Hawaiian based Benefit from both the Eastern vision of seeing the body as electric and
learn methods of bringing the systems to balance. Also enjoy the Western approach to understanding the body
through form where the science of tissue release is joined with stretch and use of the breath. To weave this unique
method into its signature of effectiveness the Hawaiian influence of healing approaches brings to you a system
that can even be life changing to both the giver and receiver.

A SPECIAL INFLUENCE OF THE ISLANDS Providing that quality where true healing happens is the ‘Aloha’ of
massage -  trusting one’s heart and hands as one gives from the deepest essence of  their hearts.  Learning ways
to access this abundant stream of healing,  benefits both giver and receiver alike and  sets this unique style of
massage aside as most beneficial to receive and to give.

       Plans are in the making to offer many of our classes on the Big Island and Maui ! In addition for those who
wish to receive a  massage certificate  in The Lea Method a full training program is being arranged to interface
your choice of  a partial on line offering for the academic portions or to participate in one of the island’s schools.
Funding for those who qualify can be available as well as a shared housing  situation.  Come join us on the
islands! (National Certification CE option for some classes)Fall session classes will continue to be offered at
Dragon Fly Ridge. Please let us know if you wish to be  on our mailing list and provide us with your current info to
include your e mail address.

Call if you plan to enroll for any of the following classes. You may use this registration form.
Send it to P.O. Box 83003, Fairbanks, AK 99708
Please call first for availability (907) 479-3820

School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska
All classes are held at 1703 Fiddle Way (Backside of Chena Ridge - see 'directions' on this website)

‘09 REGISTRATION & Pre - Enrollment
 KATA MASSAGE SECTION ONE  (20 Hours Credit) Tuition : $275  DATES: Sept, 10, 12, 13, 15
Tuition : $125, DATES: October 13, 15 20th. Chair Kata is a stand alone 10 Hour class, required for 80 Hour Kata
Massage Certificate  

REFLEXES AND ESSENTIAL OILS Learn Your Body’s Quick Fixes October 17, 4 PM - 7PM  $33
Tuition: $275 DATES: Oct. 24, 25, 27, 29, Nov. 1
Tuition: $425 (Includes Kata Massage Training DVD)  DATES: November 5, 10, 12, 17,1 9, 24, 28th
Tuition paid in the beginning: $1025 (See school’s refund policy)

CLASS TIMES Unless otherwise indicated times of all massage classes are:
Weekday 6PM - 9:30PM, Weekend Saturday: 10:30 AM - 6:30PM, Sunday 12N - 7 PM

A $75 deposit or full payment is recommended to retain your place in the class.

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    The Lea Method
       Kata Massage
   Increase your strength and stamina
Learn this hand saving highly energizing method!

• Three Basic Hand Positions & proper hand  
• Flow Chart System with Key Trigger Points
• Accessing the energy system with Meridians
• Massage A Long Anchor techniques
• Specific sequences of stretching and
strengthening for the giver

ENJOY  learning  a multitude of important aspects
that contribute to giving a great massage. Glean
from the rich traditions synthesized from both
Eastern and Western techniques.

The Hawaiian healing influences brings this
modality to new levels of understanding body/mind
and healing as it is intertwined in all of The Lea
Method courses.
Your Facilitator
      Tarika Lea is the Education Director of The School of Integrating
Shiatsu Alaska and founder of The Lea Method, Tarika has developed
her expertise as a result of a lifetime of dedication to the field of healing,
personal growth and skillful massage.  The fruit of her last four decades
of pioneering in these fields is a bank of highly refined techniques called
The Kata Massage Series - The Lea Method. She also has actively
assisted in entrepreneurial skills of assisting others in achieving what
they want.
      Drawing from her Lithuanian heritage in the use of herbs she has
enthusiastically welcomed the addition of the use of Therapeutic Grade
Essential Oils
TM in her school and private practice. She has developed
methods of professional application and use for both humans and
Celebrating 20 Years!
       Tarika established the first Postsecondary authorized massage
school in Alaska, The School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska.  She is proud
of her graduate's accomplishments. Her personalized professional
trainings have been offered in Fairbanks over the last twenty years.
       Tarika holds an NLP Master Level Certificate with the Society for
Neural Linguistic Society, an international certifying organization. This
foundation gives Tarika an additional bank of tools for life skills coaching
as well as enhances her excellence in teaching abilities. NLP is known
world wide as the cutting edge of communication skills.
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Tarika Lea
40 Years Experience in this field