DragonFly Ridge Healing Arts Center Presents:
   The Art of Sacred Drum Making

              What could make this workshop an ‘event’  in your life?

 •  Participate in the designing and creation of your personal healing tool that will give
     you a lifetime of satisfaction.

 •  Get even more in touch with manifesting your heart’s longings - through  the ‘medicine’
     of the drum.

 •  Gather allies of earth’s wisdom keepers...Align with and welcome your personal totems.

 •  Benefit from spill over skills setting new rhythms defined by the very pulse of life as you
     start using your drum for centering and relaxation.

 •  Reinforce your own commitment to that which is sacred to you by strengthening one’s          

 Some call the act of drumming: ‘Drumming with Spirit’. It has been described as the ‘way of the
heart’ as it is aligned with the natural flow. The spill over skills of drumming expand into all areas of
our lives as we open ways of feeling and responding to this natural flow. Drumming is a letting go
to the magic of the rhythm. Drumming relaxes the body and releases a chain reaction of
endorphins stimulating our immune system and often activating our emotions in positive ways to
embrace life more and more joyfully, enthusiastically and gratefully.

 Every culture has had the use of drums as a central continuum - the base of all music, harmonies
and rhythms. Once a drum is birthed one has co created a tool that becomes a portal to the mystic
or the inner temple, the world explored by our Elder down through the ages. Using your drum helps
you to go beyond your logical thought processes into pure potential. As a drum keeper you are
saying yes to creating a  place of worship, healing and benediction.

“Great Spirit has given me all the pieces.

Each piece has become One.

The One has become a drum.

With this drum I have been given a new voice.

With this voice my Spirit rises.

                                               Grey Wolf

The Art of Sacred Drum Making
On Drumming – Honoring Your Own Rhythms
 You are invited to the call of this special creative process – weaving together your own sacred
instrument.  It is a journey where one decides to drop from the head to the heart, from thinking to
Would you like to calm the inner noise? When we live at a distance to our heart’s wisdom, we
live in inner turmoil, inner traffic, noise and chaos. It is often the state of our modern world where
we may often feel stifled and inert.
Awaken the Spirit Life Force within you! Through the ages the drum has been thought of as
an umbilical cord, our primal connection to the pulse of life itself. The drum connects us to our
body’s innate wisdom and to the rhythm of the earth herself.
Coming into Resonance When we learn to drum with truth we drum from our hearts, it brings us
into resonance. It is the rhythm of the heart that can truly activate our awareness and expansion of
love. Love is the highest truth and the alchemy of transformation. Self love and self acceptance
brings us present in this very moment with our own rhythm, our own truth.
A Clearer Channel to Our Live Purpose To drum is to celebrate and honor the sacred sounds
of our inner rhythms, the voice of our truth. Through sacred sound, movement and drum
meditations, we awaken and come home to ourselves, home to our heart, home to love. Such
sounds from our soul’s depth gently open and wash the heart and accelerate our highest
resonance and true purpose. For many, the experience has been described as becoming clearer
and clearer channels to our life’s purpose and direction here on Earth.
Relax and Open Your Heart The more you use your drum the more you will realize that the drum
surprisingly evolves into an extension of your self, your inner self. As you loose inhibition around
making sound or having to be ‘right’ you loosen your mind and physical sense of limitations, your
heart relaxes and becomes open.
The Drum a Journey of Healing
 The drum becomes part of your journey, helping you to shift through your physical, emotional,
and spiritual limitations using sound, vibration, and movement. You will first notice that the
resonance of sound travels through your body’s soft tissue into your very bones. The bones are
the closest to the earth element and therefore drumming can be excellent medicine for bone tissue.
 Drumming is also food for the nerves because it takes co-ordination and timing to get to the beat
that ‘feels right’. These functions are directly linked to the central nervous system. It is interesting
to also note that both the bones and nervous system are ruled by the kidneys which represents
our ability to cleanse and let go.
 Due to the activation of the energy circuitry of our upper body we are accessing the entire body
and all of its systems through these energy pathways. With time you may even notice how your
response, innovative rhythms and timing improves as does the spill over skills in your life through
willingness to express without apology and with enthusiasm and sincerity.

The Sacred Art of Drum Making
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Day of the Hoop
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
 As you dedicate your drum hoop it becomes the journeying portal into deeper understandings.
Some indigenous traditions seek a guide in the form of a totem (or several). This guide can
become the catalyst that opens out a way to know more of what your true calling is in this life
contributing to walking with full heartedness in your true direction. A special meditation inviting your
totem’s medicine to be drawn to you will be shared on the first evening. The deep resonance and
healing of Freedom Star, a native blessed 3.5’ multicultural community pow wow drum will be part
of the launching of this first important day of dedication and journeying.
Day of the Weaving
12 N – 6:30 PM Weekend
 The day of making your drum is an enactment of the wisdoms of many cultures of ancient days
past. The day of weaving brings together the elements of animal and vegetable kingdoms to join
with the air and fire element of your own creative passions. Is it not the alchemy of creation itself?  
In this natural highly creative setting the day of weaving joins every participant in the power of the
blessings that come from cooperative community activities. The energy of birthing is intensified
through song, physical work and through prayerful focus and focused participation. The excitement
mounts for the heart beat one is about to birth.
Day of the Awakening
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
 When your drum is awakened you may be surprised as for many it is an initiation into an element
that was missing in your life and is now brought forth. Be available for many shifts, many portals
into the unknown of your own inner guidance connecting to that still small voice. Many previous
participants report that they often get a message, vision or insight whenever they drum with their
own handmade drum.  You may even find sounds your soul has been longing to sing. You may
often sing songs, make sounds and chants that your mind may not at all understand yet welcome.
You cannot be prepared but you can be as a child ....open and available to the miracles! We also
will be making our beaters on this day.
Tuition: $75 Plus cost of the drum: 16” $175 (Price includes a beater)

Facilitator: Tarika Lea
The art of assisting another in the creation of their sacred healing instrument has been humbling,
transformative, intriguing, soulful, and energizing - every time another drum is birthed! I have had
this privilege for a decade and wish to continue to provide the inspiration gleaned from many world
traditions. These classes are an integration of these traditions through ways of preparing, creating
and dedicating one’s drum. I find these processes imperative in setting the stage for one’s future
relationship with not only their drum but commitment to putting aside a time for ‘Drumming with
Spirit’ frequently.
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‘I had no idea how much this class and my drum would mean to me. I find myself using my drum
often both as a means of working out all kinds of stresses as well as getting my head clear and
‘ Class Participant
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